Celina sues Pooja for 5 crore.

 Last week, after Pooja Bedi questioned whether Celina Jaitly was ‘Desirable or delusional’ the latter refused to retaliate and simply said, “I have admired Pooja Bedi since I was in second grade.”

But two days ago, Celina sent Bedi a legal notice. As per the suit, Celina is asking for Rs 5 crore as compensation for the comments made by her.

Says Pooja, “I find this whole thing utterly ridiculous. I don’t understand how one can be sued for speaking their mind. This is not the first time I have reacted to something I felt strongly about.

In the past too, there have been instances when I stood up for people who I thought was being portrayed in a bad light.

I am sure Celina also has championed many causes she felt strongly about. I am sure no one sent a legal notice to her when she spoke her mind!.”


Saying that Celina is burdening the judical system, she adds, “Our esteemed courts have more serious matters to deal with. Why should we burden them with such trivial matters!.”

So does Bedi have a plan of action? “Not really. I had stated earlier and I want to reiterate that this isn’t a personal attack on Celina in any way.”

She adds, “In fact, I had even stood up and supported the North Indians and Biharis when the MNS issue had come up. I didn’t know any of them personally but I vouched for them.

In this case, all I wanted was to stand up for some one who I thought was innocent. I still stand by what I said and can vouch for Anand (Chavan).”