Tanushree Dutta denies secret marriage with Neil.

 Tanushree Dutta is in the news again. This time around, it's because of her secret 'marriage' to Koena Mitra's cousin brother, Neil Roy Franklin. Says a source close to Tanushree and Koena, "Since Gudi Padwa, Tanu and Koena have been besieged by calls enquiring about Tanu's secret shaadi to Koena's cousin Neil. Both are baffled by the rumours. Neil is Koena's 31-year-old cousin (her maternal aunt"s son) who is studying graphic designing and animation films in London.

He is part Italian and part Bengali and came down to Mumbai a while back and stayed at Koena's place. That's how he got to meet Tanu. They are like a gang. Neil is young, single, looks hot and is very close to Tanu. Tanu is single, he finds her hot and so he loves flirting with her."


Says Tanushree, "I have no clue where the rumours started. People with vested interests are spreading these weird stories about me but it's only providing me with comic relief. If I were to get married, it would be an affair to remember.

It would be for everyone and the biggest wedding in recent times, designer gown et al. I don't want a one-ceremony wedding. I'd have Hindu and Christian rites in Las Vegas. Poor Neil has no clue about the 'wedding'. He's well-mannered, a very close friend and a charming guy."

Koena adds, "I am shocked. There is no marriage. Neil is young and they are a good-looking couple. When he's here, he woos Tanu as she's hot and single but there's no marriage as of now."

Apart from Tanushree's alleged 'secret shaadi' with Koena's brother Neil, Koena has recently been accused of influencing Tanushree. The friend says, "Koena has been a great source of emotional support to Tanu and it's irking people. Suddenly Tanu has lost several kilos and people are saying that because of Koena, she hasn"t just lost weight but is losing her mind too." Koena says, "Close friends do influence each other and I may have influenced her fitness and style.

I am a fitness freak and Tanu's a foodie, so all I have done is cut down on the kind of rich, oily food that she used to eat. I have changed her diet programme and lent her my trainer Shane with whom she has been working out for the last six months; that's why she's lost so much weight."

Tanushree adds, "I admire Koena's fitness fundas. I love to check out new restaurants and binge on rich food but she keeps me in check by making me have salads and lean meats every so often. We binge on Sundays. I don't like people spreading vicious rumours, but I guess it's part of growing up."