Tushaar Kapoor breaks tooth eating chicken.


Tusshar Kapoor has been shooting for Balaji’s C Company without a front tooth for the past week.

Says the actor, “I returned from a party feeling very hungry. I bit into a large chicken bone and heard a crack sound! I had broken my upper front tooth!

I had to complete the shoot of the song Jaane Kya Hoga Mujhko (composed by Bappa Lahiri and choreographed by Bosco-Caesar) at Aksa beach with Raima Sen and 50 dancers the next day and just couldn’t afford to cancel the shoot.”

What followed for Tusshar was painfully horrible. “I didn’t have the time to visit the dentist so my make-up guy kept putting small balls of cotton to hold the tooth in place.

It was exasperating and irritating especially as we couldn’t shoot close-up shots at all. I have been eating through my side teeth as I can’t bite on anything with my front teeth.”

‘Cap’ping it

The irritation lessened somewhat when Tusshar visited his dentist. He says, “I haven’t been able to visit my dentist who lives next door. But last Thursday, I finally went to her and she put on a temporary cap.”

The actor will have the temporary cap replaced by a permanent one. Will the tooth be gold or ceramic? “I don’t know what the doctor’s giving but it’s a permanent cap. All I know is that I will have my tooth back,” sighs Tusshar with relief.