Vivek Oberoi slapped by a girl for kissing her.

 Last week, Vivek Oberoi got into trouble at a dinner party hosted at a friend"s home by flirting with the host's girlfriend! Says an eyewitness present, "Last week, Vivek and his Mission Istanbul director Apoorva Lakhia were at a common friend"s party in Bandra. They'd been shooting continuously for Mission Istanbul for 10 days at Madhusudhan Mills and this was a welcome break.

After a few drinks, Vivek started flirting with the host's girlfriend, a foreigner. At first, she politely ignored his overtures but then, he kissed her. She replied with a resounding slap." The shocked host pushed the actor. The source adds, "Apoorva tried to intervene but the duo got into a scuffle. It was some time before Apu grabbed Vivek's arm, dragged him out of the host's place and drove him home."

The morning after, Vivek showed no repentance. The source says, "Everyone thought Vivek would apologise for his boorish behaviour. Surprisingly, four days have passed and Vivek still behaves as if the incident wasn't his fault. Apu has sworn not to go with Vivek to any party again."

Apoorva Lakhia tries to laugh away the story. "I really do not understand where this news has come from but it's totally ridiculous and untrue. I have been shooting 6 am-7 pm shifts with Vivek and Zayed (Khan) at Madhusudhan Mills since March 28 for Mission Istanbul so that pretty much sums it up. I guess for some very secure people it's cool to kick a guy when he's down but it's getting a bit boring, don't you think?" Vivek's publicist said there was no truth to the story, "Nothing of this sort happened."